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Products for cleaning orthodontic appliances, bites, mouthguards, aligners, myofunctional educators (kids) and Invisalign. Effective for eliminating bacterial flora and dirt on the surface.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you know how important it is to keep it clean and sanitized. If you are looking for effective products for cleaning and sanitizing orthodontic appliances, we at Bitewash have studied and created a series of specific products for this purpose.
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Why is it important to clean and sanitize orthodontic appliances?

During an orthodontic treatment, orthodontic appliances become an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria, plaque and food residues.

Failure to clean and sanitize appliances can lead to serious oral health problems, including tooth decay, gingivitis and pyorrhea.

Additionally, plaque buildup can cause a bad smell and cause embarrassment in relationships with other people.

To avoid all this, it is essential to take care of the cleaning of orthodontic appliances.

Not only will you ensure your oral health, but you will also be able to have greater confidence during your daily activities.

What is Bitewash and how it can help you

Bitewash is a sanitizer with a specific disintegrating action for orthodontic devices, aligners, mouthguards, myofunctional educators and bites.

What does disruptive action mean?

It means that the Bitewash product has the ability to break up (or break up) the organic and inorganic residues that accumulate on the surface of orthodontic appliances, such as bacterial plaque and food residues.

The disintegration, in fact, helps to effectively remove dirt and bacteria present on the surface of the appliance, helping to eliminate bad odors and prevent oral health problems.

Its innovative formula is highly effective and can be used on any type of orthodontic appliance, whether it is fixed or removable.

Fields of application

Our sanitizer with disintegrating action is specific for cleaning and sanitizing orthodontic devices, aligners, mouthguards, myofunctional educators and mandibular protusors.

A preliminary study was conducted on the use of Bitewash, using two different analysis techniques: the bioluminometer and the electronic bug.

In particular, the bioluminometer is an instrument that is used to detect the presence of bacteria on the surface of orthodontic appliances, while scanning electron microscopy is a high-resolution imaging technique that allows you to view minute details on the surface of the objects under examination.

Therefore, the analysis with these techniques was conducted on the surfaces of removable orthodontic aligners after the use of Bitewash, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the product in eliminating bacteria and cleaning the surfaces of the orthodontic appliances.

Very handy in the spray version for children or for travel

The Bitewash is also very practical to use, in fact, its spray version makes it perfect for children too, without risking unpleasant side effects and also very convenient when travelling.

In our SHOP you can find the very comfortable kit with the nebulizer inside.

Don't wait any longer, buy Bitewash now and keep your orthodontic devices always clean and sanitized.

Bitewash has a high safety profile

The Bitewash has an exceptional safety profile. The solution does not produce harmful substances and is completely biodegradable over time, respecting the environment. It does not contain aldehydes, phenols, alcohol derivatives and chlorine-based substances.

In solution it has a low chemical risk (DL50=4123mg/kg), lower than that of table salt. Furthermore, the solution is odorless and non-sensitizing.

Chemical composition: Bitewash is a stable and balanced mixture of peroxide compounds. Contains an anionic surfactant, organic acids and an inorganic activation system.

BiteWash is a concentrated product in granules format that is dissolved in tap water
  • Once prepared the solution remains active for 14 days
  • In 10 minutes a ready-to-use solution
  • For nebulization use the supplied 60 ml spray bottle
Activation procedure
Fill the bottle with tap water
Insert the contents of the sachet
Please wait 10 minutes for activation
Procedure for use
Spray on the device
Leave on for 10 minutes
Rinse with water
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