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Bio-compatible Hydroxyapatite for controlled long-term tooth remineralization.
TEETH GEL is a biomimetic mineral obtained through an exclusive production process. It demonstrates maximum compatibility and easy adhesion to the tooth surface. Its mechanism of action is based on the controlled release over time, guided by the pH of remineralizing ions, which are triggered whenever the physiological mineralization process is altered by the attack of acidic substances.

Hydroxyapatite introduces new frontiers in the field of dental remineralization:
Eliminates safety concerns and limitations on the concentration of use associated with soluble Fluoride salts.
Introduces a new safe and smart philosophy of tooth remineralization combined with the development of low-abrasion toothpaste.
Technical and functional features
  • Whitening effect.
  • Long-lasting remineralizing action, pH-dependent.
  • Repairs microlesions, reduces tooth sensitivity, protects against daily attacks from acidic foods and drinks.
  • Prevents cavities.
  • Low abrasiveness.
  • Compatible with oral microbiota.
  • Ideal for daily use, professional treatments, and sensitive teeth.
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